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    Customer Notice: Payday advances are typically for two-to four-week terms. Some borrowers, however, use payday advances for several months, which can be expensive. High-interest loans such as Payday Advances should be used for short-term financial needs only and not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counseling before entering into any loan transaction.

    Approval depends upon meeting legal, regulatory and underwriting requirements. EZ Money and third party lenders may, at their discretion, verify application information by using national databases, including but not limited to Lexis Nexis, that may provide information from one or more national credit bureaus, and EZ Money may take that into consideration in the approval process.

    EZ Money, at its discretion, may verify application information by using national databases, including but not limited to LexisNexis, that may provide information from one or more national credit bureaus, and EZ Money may take that into consideration in the approval process.

    Products or services offered to customers may vary based on customer eligibility and applicable state or federal law. Actual loan amounts vary. MM Finance, LLC and Check & Cash USA, LLC are currently operating in: Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, and North Dakota.

    For specific rate and term information in each state you can click on the above link for the specific state of your choice.

    EZ Money is licensed by the Iowa Division of Banking under Iowa Code, Chapter 533D. EZ Money and are licensed by the Missouri Division of Finance under Missouri CSR 408.500.1 and 408.510. EZ Money is licensed by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance under the Nebraska Revised Statutes, Chapter 45, ยงยง 45-901 to 45-930. EZ Money and is licensed by the North Dakota Division of Finance under North Dakota Century Code Chapter 13-08. EZ Money is licensed by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services under the Deferred Presentment Service Transactions Act (DPSTA), 2005 PA 244, MCL 487.2121. is licensed by the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner, Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division under Chapter 16a of the Consumer Credit Code.

    Payday Advances are also commonly referred to as Cash Advances, Payday Loans, Post-Dated Checks, Delayed Deposit Loans, and Deferred Deposit Loans.